As a professional service firm with international operations, apcore specialises in managing complex change solutions for different companies. apcore guides clients though Organisational Changes, Innovation Management and New Business Model Designs, as well as implement Innovative Management Strategies and Internationalisation process thanks to their expertise in various sectors.

The company was in search of a revised brand image to go with the new direction. After studying the brand and the market in detail, we created a new strategy that incorporates the most important principle of the brand: ‘getting to the core of the matter’, within its name by simply adding an ‘e’ at the end of apcor. Making it apcore.

The new moto, “Anything can create ripples, what matters is the right vibrations.”, describes the revived energy of the company. It also emphasises the modular practice of the organisation that tailors the approach according to the necessity of the problem. Find out more on www.ap-core.com



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